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John Dussouy Talked to New Orleans City Business About the Insurance Advantages Provided to Students with Good Grades . - Thursday, February 2, 2012

"If mom has a Lexus and father has an SUV, then (the teen) will automatically go on one of the cars as occasional operator, Hendry says. "A wreck just kills you.

John Dussouy, co-owner of Dussouy Insurance Agency in Mandeville agrees with Hendry's approach, suggesting parents take a sensible approach to buying their teen driver's first automobile.

"If they buy a sports car-type automobile, their insurance is going to go up through the roof, he says.

As a more extreme strategy, Dussuoy says there are monitors insurance companies offer that can be wired to a teen's car to show how well he or she is driving. The use of the monitors, combined with a safe driving record, can lower premiums, he says.

Dussuoy and others note that most insurance companies offer also lower rates for teen drivers who do well in school.

"A student with a B' average a 3.0 average can qualify about 10 percent off (the regular rate) for their age group, State Farm spokesman Gary Stephenson says.

Some insurance companies also offer discounts when teens take additional drivers education courses beyond the minimum needed to obtain a license.


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