About Us

The Dussouy Insurance Agency was founded in 1949 by John W. Dussouy, Sr. His years of hard work, dedication and involvement with the Metro New Orleans community created a strong and successful company. He always put his customer's first and believed that each person and commercial business should be handled with the utmost care.

After 40 years of service, Mr. Dussouy, decided to retire. In 1989, he sold his company to his three sons, John W. Dussouy, Jr., Guy J. Dussouy and Gary D. Dussouy who continue to live up to his work ethics and traditions.

In 1995, the Dussouy's moved their main office from New Orleans to St. Tammany Parish, Mandeville, Louisiana. They did not close their New Orleans branch because they were determined to keep the same level of dedication as always to their New Orleans customers and at the same time to create the same reputation in St. Tammany.

In 2000, they closed the New Orleans branch but vowed to give their New Orleans customers the same quality service. They created a website and gave them an 866# to call that would satisfy their needs. They retain their book of business in the New Orleans area.

Today the main office is still located in Mandeville, Louisiana. They are actively involved in the business community of St. Tammany Parish and Metro New Orleans. This includes participation in the Independent Insurance Agents of LA; the Professional Insurance Agents of LA, the St. Tammany West, Slidell and Lacombe Chambers of Commerce; and the St. Tammany Home Builders Association.

The Dussouy's continue to strive to give their very best to all their
customers, vendors, companies and employees.



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